Sant Sebastia 2018 – La City Bar – Pasatiempos, Pamla

The city is going to be on fire!  Live Music, food and bonfires throughout the city of Palma during a celebration that has been happening since the 17th century.  The Sant Sebastia Festival aka San Sebastian Festival is this friday 19/01/2018 and is full of events for all.  Thursday the 18th Juernes Jam Session at La City Bar. has been CANCELLED.  Friday the 19th I will be playing a mini concert at Pasatiempos where I will be joined by my good and talented friend Ricardo on percussion at 19:00h in the heart of old town.  I know its Sunday and you may have a long week ahead but enjoy it, the best is yet to come!


“Maneater” Reggae cover?????

I just heard this amazing reggae cover of Hall & Oats “Maneater” and could not see who did it due to my new life with basically 1 eye (I had an accident a while back.  Don’t squirt combustibles in a bottle into the fire!) Please please comment with links or bands that do this cover would love to hear them all and find this gem! 

Think Big!