Sant Sebastia 2018 – La City Bar – Pasatiempos, Pamla

The city is going to be on fire!  Live Music, food and bonfires throughout the city of Palma during a celebration that has been happening since the 17th century.  The Sant Sebastia Festival aka San Sebastian Festival is this friday 19/01/2018 and is full of events for all.  Thursday the 18th Juernes Jam Session at La City Bar. has been CANCELLED.  Friday the 19th I will be playing a mini concert at Pasatiempos where I will be joined by my good and talented friend Ricardo on percussion at 19:00h in the heart of old town.  I know its Sunday and you may have a long week ahead but enjoy it, the best is yet to come!


Mon de Sons Y Run Run Presenta “FanGirls” 24.11 Casa Planas 6€

Món de Sons
Cultura sin fronteras

Concierto Fiesta Presentación: 24.11

“Món de Sons” es un nuevo ciclo de eventos culturales que promueve la integración y colaboración de iniciativas artísticas de las diferentes partes del mundo, con una énfasis en la música.

Fangirls (Alemania) Berlin-indie rock wave
Of Lions And Giants (EEUU) Indie Folk
Amar Armani (Argelia) Etno folk
Jasmina Petrovic (Croacia) Klezmer
Pi (España) Electro – Electro/Vocal/Poesía

Boletos/Tickets estan disponibles aqui.

Fangirls (Alemania) Berlin-indie rock wave
A Berlin based girl-boy-duo founded in late 2014. Their sound is an electrifying symbiosis of grunge, garage and California pop. If there was a soundtrack for a twenty-something’s existential angst and desire in uncertain times, this would be it.

Of Lions and Giants (USA)
Born 1980 in Patterson NJ, Jose Docen aka “Of Lions And Giants” is a uniquely talented and well traveled singer-songwriter who was raised in Anchorage AK and Central falls RI. He has a distinctly gripping vocal styling accompanied by his unique approach to music in both standard and alternate tuning (DADDAD).

Amar Armani (Argelia)
Amar Amarni es un cantantautor del norte de África. Su música incluye un amplio rango de ritmos, principalmente de origen norafricano, respirando el aire de las montañas y el desierto. Se mueve entre los estilos tradicionales y modernos, Gnawi o Chaab, mezclados con otros ritmos y ambientes: rock, folk y country.


Jasmina Petrovic (Croacia) Klezmer
Una cantante versátil con un timbre único, con la capacidad de interpretación en multiples estilos e idiomas, desde la música antigua hasta la tradicional. Esta vez presentado un set de músicas animadas de estilo klezmer. Actuaciones en varios festivales en diferentes países entre ellos: Festival de música viva de Vic, Festival Lunas de Aranjuez, Festival Internacional de Santander, Los Jueves Musicales de La Magdalena, Córdoba, VIII Festival Internacional de Música Sefardí, Córdoba, VIII Festival Internacional de Música de las Tres Culturas, Toledo, Festival Caminos de Sefarad en el Auditorio Príncipe Felipe, Oviedo y muchos más.

Pi 2_napa
Pi – electro/vocal/poesia
Pi es una artista vocal que, a través de melodías experimentales, crea atmósferas sonoras. Estas son acompañadas por poesías personales y prestadas, siendo la improvisación la base de todas sus creaciones. Esta artista residente en Mallorca nos transporta a su mundo utilizando la voz y un looper como únicos instrumentos.

Senlima Sound – Dj Justí – Eclecticismo musical para gente poco convencional.
Músicas del mundo.



Live Music! Musica en Vivo! 

Hi folks here are a few upcoming events that I hope I will see you at.

Hola gent, aquí són uns quants esdeveniments futurs que espero que ens veiem.

Oct 28th @ Cafe a Tres Bandas

Hello!  Oct 28th I will be live at Cafe a Tres Bandas!  I Can’t wait!!!  

Hola!  28 d’octubre seré en directe un Cafe a Tres Bandas!  No puc esperar!!!

Sábado 12 de Agosto “La CITY Bar”

Update! 08.18.2017 

08.18.2017 Sa Possessio is called “Acordes Conversos” location, time and list of Poets and Musicians are all on the poster.  This is a free benefit event so please share and I hope to see you there.

Live Music Palma, Spain.

I will be playing a few sets tomorrow the 15th at Mistic Resto Bar just a hop and a skip away from the best bars and night life in Palma (Santa Catalina)  Stop in for a pre game drink/pincho and live music!

Mañana el 15 Julio estare en Mistic Resto Bar a sólo un saltito de los mejores bares y vida nocturna en Palma (Santa Catalina) les invito para un pre juego de bebida/pinchos y música en vivo!

Teenage Murderface.

So I was looking for a link to post with the pic and found this on…

Dethdrabbles by superlabelgirl

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.

3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)

4. Do 5 of these (at least), then post.

(So I thought this looked like a cool thing to try, and after having seen Xaviariam do it with Pickles, I decided to do it with Metalocalypse as a whole. As much as I love the show, I don’t really have much that qualifies as metal on my iTunes, so this is going to be a lot of metal people set to un-metal songs, sorry about that. I cheated a little and finished up a sentence or two after the song ended, and did a little basic editing for spelling, grammar, and clarity. I’m especially proud of the last one- I would make an AMV of that if there were enough footage. Rated M for violence, profanity, sex, drugs and metal… what else would you expect? Enjoy!)

1) You’re Going Back: Tallest Man on Earth (Pickles, modern day)

Pickles stared at the old documentaries of Snakes and Barrels, of those days where everything was as colorful as the booze and pills made it seem, back before he gave up the Technicolor glam for the black of death metal. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy where he was, he had fame, acclaim, booze and bitches aplenty. But it was worth it to hook up with the old band, even if just for nostalgia’s sake.

2) Hear Me Out: Frou Frou (teenage Pickles)

He paused to vomit before he returned to the phone, continuing the message on her answering machine. Fourteen minutes and counting, but it was nothing new. Pickles was notorious for drunk dialing, and his alcohol and phone were always at hand these days, more or less all that could be depended on. Strangely, he hadn’t known that he had maybe fallen for this girl until he he left a rambling message on her phone, drunk out of his mind, telling her so. But if need be, he could blame it on a blackout. He always did. And maybe that was why she had long since stopped answering.

3) Coohkooh Bird: Jose Docen (teenage Murderface)

Murderface hadn’t told anyone where he was going. If anyone asked, he would have told them to fuck off, would have flipped them off and given them his best intimidating glare. But no one had asked, so it didn’t much matter. His grandmother was off at bingo, the fat cunt, and his grandfather wouldn’t have asked even if he could have. So he had snuck out to the cemetery, finding the headstones, seeing his parents’ names, the epitaphs careful not to mention the circumstances of their demise. Him. He pulled out his switchblade and notched up the headstones, his father’s mostly, and this kept the emotions at bay.

4) Hymn (Album Version): Joey Altruda (Pickles, SnB era)

Everything in his body was fucking twitching, itching, shivering, as he stared over the edge of the bridge. A film of ice had formed over the edge of the water, and he couldn’t stop laughing. When Tony and the rest of the band found him, they thought that it has been a suicide attempt, but that had just made him laugh harder. If they had heard the itching in his head, and how fucked up their ignorance sounded against that itchy dope-fueled sound, they would have known how fucking funny that was. He was killing himself, but the bridge was not how. The drugs, the music, the mindless destruction of self- this was how. Pickles didn’t need no fucking bridge to burn out, as bright as his hair against the icy sky.

5) The Build Up: Kings of Convenience (Skwisgaar, modern day)

Skwisgaar had never much had to actually seduce a girl before. Mostly, they just threw themselves at him. He was a god, after all, and just by going out and performing, they were all over him like bitches in heat. Part of him wished that it had been harder…  Follow link for complete posts. Thanks for this superlabelgirl.