Sant Sebastia 2018 – La City Bar – Pasatiempos, Pamla

The city is going to be on fire!  Live Music, food and bonfires throughout the city of Palma during a celebration that has been happening since the 17th century.  The Sant Sebastia Festival aka San Sebastian Festival is this friday 19/01/2018 and is full of events for all.  Thursday the 18th Juernes Jam Session at La City Bar. has been CANCELLED.  Friday the 19th I will be playing a mini concert at Pasatiempos where I will be joined by my good and talented friend Ricardo on percussion at 19:00h in the heart of old town.  I know its Sunday and you may have a long week ahead but enjoy it, the best is yet to come!


Live Music! Musica en Vivo! 

Hi folks here are a few upcoming events that I hope I will see you at.

Hola gent, aquí són uns quants esdeveniments futurs que espero que ens veiem.

Sábado 12 de Agosto “La CITY Bar”

8.12.17 “La City Bar” Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca  

Never Too Far From Home. EPIC!

Great to meet you Pat!  Next time… in the states, huge stage, VIP passes and all.  Thanks for the kind words.  

Think Big!

New Song! “Paintings”


Here is a new tune recorded at the Lizard Lounge OMC by Tom Bianchi.  Please comment and share. Thanks Tom!