Sant Sebastia 2018 – La City Bar – Pasatiempos, Pamla

The city is going to be on fire!  Live Music, food and bonfires throughout the city of Palma during a celebration that has been happening since the 17th century.  The Sant Sebastia Festival aka San Sebastian Festival is this friday 19/01/2018 and is full of events for all.  Thursday the 18th Juernes Jam Session at…Read more Sant Sebastia 2018 – La City Bar – Pasatiempos, Pamla

Live Music! Musica en Vivo! 

Hi folks here are a few upcoming events that I hope I will see you at. Hola gent, aquí són uns quants esdeveniments futurs que espero que ens veiem. 11. 05.2017 One World Music Festival 11. 16. 2017 S'Oli 13

Oct 28th @ Cafe a Tres Bandas

Hello!  Oct 28th I will be live at Cafe a Tres Bandas!  I Can't wait!!!   Hola!  28 d'octubre seré en directe un Cafe a Tres Bandas!  No puc esperar!!!

IB3 Radio Interview!!!

Good morning friends and fans I will be doing an interview/live music set at IB3 Radio.  So tune in to @IB3radio today Friday the 13th!!! at 12:30 #OfLionsAndGiants #new #music #live #Palma #Singer #Songwriter