Cystic Fibrosis Team Magee

My best friend and beautiful wife Christine Ann Nov 21,1984 - May 16 2014

This is Christine Ann Magee, (November 21, 1984 – May 16, 2014) friend, sister, daughter, wife and love of my life. Christine lived her life with the courage and strength of a lion and the heart of a giant. She gave all of herself to be the best person/human being that she could be and it showed in the brightness of her eternal light, her work as a teacher with her students and to all that had crossed her path. Cystic Fibrosis can and is being fought. Every day new advancements in drug development, medications and treatments are being made to give our loved ones who’ve been affected by CF another moment however brief it may be with us. Christine, in her heart of hearts would never want another family or person to endure what we and she have and will continue to endure. So please help Christine and Team Magee in this fight by joining the team, donating or by simply sharing our team page with a friend. With Courage, strength and heart, we thank you.

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