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Come join me every Thursday night at La City Bar 20:30h & be on the lookout for my upcoming show dates

Born 1980 in Patterson NJ, Jose Docen aka “Of Lions And Giants” is a uniquely talented and well traveled singer-songwriter who was raised in Anchorage AK and Central falls RI. Jose began playing acoustic guitar in 2000 crafting his distinctly gripping vocal styling accompanied by his unique approach to music in both standard and alternate tuning (DADDAD). Jose has had the great honor to open for some of the more well known traveling/local singer song-writers in the New England area such as Erin Mckeown, Anais Mitchell, Matthew Santos and, Catie Curtis. “Of Lions And Giants” is the future of what is to come from Jose Docen. Join him on this creative journey by adding yourself to the mailing list

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  1. Hey Jose, I wrote to you at Reverb Nation too. I met you at the Lizard Lounge, you gave me your cd, I love it! You have a great voice, cool rhythms. You are very talented. I wish you the best, Deb Hardy (


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